Meet ZijayZJ-1

Name: Tzu-Chieh Tang
Research interest: : Hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity in biomolecules and biosystems


Short Bio

Tzu-Chieh (Zijay) received his bachelor’s degree in life science from National Taiwan University (NTU). After spending one year studying architectural design at Institute of Building and Planning in NTU, he worked for two years as a research assistant studying prion biology at Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica.


Research Summary

In both Nature and the artificial world, water molecules participate in numerous critical processes. The interplay between the surface and water not only determine the physical property of a material, but also play a pivotal role in the chemical reactions that might take place at the interface. Thanks to the advance in atomic force microscopy (AFM), the water layer on the surface can be now detected at extremely high resolution. I am now using AFM as a powerful tool to study the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity in biosystems at nanoscale.