Beam-Down Solar Thermal Concentrator (BDSTC)

This is a point focus concentrator of around 280 m2 of primary reflective area. The primary reflector system comprises of 33 2-axis tracking heliostats. This 100 kWth solar thermal concentrator is a unique solar research facility. As opposed to conventional tower plants, the receiver is located at the lower focal point close to ground.



Tsunami fs laser

The Tsunami® mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser provides fs pulses with a broad wavelength range and high power levels.



Asylum Research Cypher Atomic Force Microscope

  • High quality tapping mode imaging at 40 Hz with 5 MHz levers
  • Most accurate images and measurements
  • Atomic point defect resolution
  • Automatic laser and photodiode alignment for ease of use
  • Closed loop atomic resolution



Asylum Research MFP-3D AFM

  • Sensored, closed loop positioning for high resolution imaging, accuracy, and reproducibility.
  • All-digital controller for open software adaptability, power and flexibility.


Pump Probe

The Pump-Probe technique is an optical technique for determining the thermal properties of thin films. The setup is illustrated in the picture. We use a pulsing laser that emits laser pulses of 800nm wavelength at a frequency of 80MHz. The laser beam gets split into two beams: pump and probe. The pump beam is modulated through an electro-optic modulator and then undergoes a second harmonic generation that doubles its frequency.