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Name: Tewfik Mohammed Souier
Research interest: Nanoscale Sciences and Technology

About Tewfik and his research

Dr. Souier Mohammed Tewfik received his Ph.D. Degree in Material Science from Materials and Processes Science and Engineering Laboratory, Grenoble, France in 2007.

He obtained his Engineering Degree in Material Science and Engineering in 2003 from Grenoble Institute of Technology.  

Prior to joining Masdar Institute of Technology, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation where he investigates the properties of nanostructured native oxides and multiwall carbon nanotubes nanocomposite by means of scanning probe microscopy.

He is currently working at Laboratory for Energy and Nano Sciences at MIST on the development of solar thermoelectric energy conversion technologies. This research employs atomic force microscopy to characterize the nanoscale electrical and thermal transport of high ZT materials such as nanocomposites BiTe and GeSi.

Tewfik’s Work


Carbon Nanotubes Composites
TEM, SEM and scanning spreading resistance on Multiwall CNT


Native Oxide on FeCrNi Alloy
Image taken by conductive Atomic Force Microscopy

Selected Publications

A. Alkhatib, T Souier, M. Chiesa “Non-ohmic transport behavior in ultra-thin gold films“ in Materials Science and Engineering: B, 2011.

T.Souier, F. Martin, C. Bataillon, J. Cousty “Local electrical characteristics of passive films formed on stainless steel surfaces by current sensing atomic force microscopy“ in Applied Surface Scienc, 2010.

F. Roussel, T. Souier, M. Pinault, J. Cousty, M. Mayne l’Hermite, J.-E. Wegrowe “1D polymer/CNT composite: elaboration and transport properties“ in proceedings of TNT conf, Trends in Nanotechnology 2010.