Meet Stevensteven

Name: Steven Meyers
Research interest: Thermal and Optical Characterization

Research Summary

The Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE has a pilot 100 kWt Beam Down Solar Thermal Concentrator (BDSTC) where a number of research projects are currently being conducted to
determine the plant’s overall thermal and optical performance. The first study employed a CCD camera to capture the distribution of the solar flux and compared its results to an array of heat flux sensors located on the receiver. A correlation was developed from the comparison, which varied over the course of the day due to the changing air mass. The second study created the overall flux maps of the Beam Down plant. From these maps, we were able to assess the overall solar flux distribution and peak solar flux so that an optimized cavity receiver can be used for
maximum thermal generation and efficiency.

Steven’s Work

Beam-down pilot solar plant


Lumen Lamp with HFS Location

Peak Flux Map