Meet Sergio sergio-profile

Name: Sergio Santos Hernandez
Research interest: Nanoscale Processes

Research Summary

The following are my main research interests:
• Temporal and spatial study of water interactions in the nanoscale
• Intelligent surfaces and their applications (SAMs)
• Nanoscale Biological Processes
• The use of Biology in microfabrication and biological mimicing

My research is based on the fundamental laws governing nanoscale processes. In particular, it is focused on energy dissipation processes and water interactions in the nanoscale where I use the AFM as the main tool.

Sergio’s Work


Left: Tip and surface shown covered in layers of water molecules
Middle: Tip oscillating above the water layers
Right: Tip oscillating inside the water layers


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Under Review

Santos, S.; Verdaguer, A.; Souier, T.; Thomson, H. N.; Chiesa, M., Measuring the true height of water layers in the nanoscale. Submitted.

Gadelrab KR, Santos S, Souier T, Chiesa M. Disentangling the origins of energy dissipation processes in the nanoscale. Submitted.