Meet RashedRashed-1

Name: Rashed Ali Al Tayyari
Research interest: Forensic Science – Characterizing Forensic Evidence (Bones, Blood, Drugs… etc) in Nano-scales using the Atomic Force Microscopy and the Electrons Microscopy (SEM,TEM)


Short Bio

– Graduated in 2011 from the United Arab Emirates University, College of science, (Major Chemistry / Minor Math)

– Got the certificate of iWIL from the UAEU which awarded to the highest grade student in the department.

– Working for Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department and been working in Biology, Chemistry and forensic photography and digital evidence sections.

– Had the medal of excellence in 2012 for the high performance in AD Police.


Research Summary

Forensic Science is a very old field of work and research. It started since the old days such as Eureka legend told of Archimedes and it continued to develop till today. As crimes are increasing and varying, the field of Forensic investigations is getting wilder. Many fields of Physiological science got involved into the forensic field such as Chemistry, Biology, Entomology, Physics … etc. and each field of these is divided into other branches which are more specific on some kind analysis. For Example, DNA profiling is going under the Biology science however DNA profiling itself is a huge branch of study.

Forensic Science mainly deals with Evidences and traces that are left by the criminal in the crime sense. These evidence varies depends on the crimes and how it been executed. Bones are one of these evidences that are challenging the Forensic scientists to get useful forensic information from it. Some of these bones do not provide the amount of DNA needed for the DNA profiling or sometimes it do not provide DNA at all and so on. These challenges have recently been put under scope.

The research focuses mainly on characterizing these kind of evidences (Bones) using the Nano-Technology available such as the Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy and trying to get some useful forensic information about these evidences to resolve the challenges mentioned and to add values of these technologies into the forensic field. However, looking at different kind of evidences is possible and been put into consideration while proceeding in the research.