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Name: Ramez Cheaito
Research interest: Nanoscale Heat Transfer



Ramez received his B.S in physics from the Faculty of Sciences in the Lebanese University in 2008. He then worked for two years as a research assistant in Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and was a founder member of LENS. In Masdar, Ramez built a pump-probe system and constructed the FDTR method for thermal characterization of thin film materials in the frequency domain. Ramez is currently a PhD student in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Virginia (UVa) under the advisement of Dr. Patrick Hopkins and a founder member of the ExSiTE Lab (Experiments and Simulation in Thermophysical Engineering). In UVa Ramez recently built a fully functioning pump-probe experiment and is doing research on the thermal transport in special nanosystems.


Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Journals:

Schmidt, A.J., Cheaito, R. & Chiesa, M., 2010. Characterization of thin metal films via frequency-domain thermoreflectance. Journal of Applied Physics, 107(2), 024908.

Schmidt, A.J., Cheaito, R. & Chiesa, M., 2009. A frequency-domain thermoreflectance method for the characterization of thermal properties. Review of Scientific Instruments, 80(9), 094901.

Conference Proceeding:

Cheaito, R., Chiesa, M. & Schmidt, A.J., Effect of Higher Harmonics on Time- and Frequency-Domain Measurements for the Characterization of Thermal Properties of Thin Films.  International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications ICREGA’10, Feb 2010.

Conference Abstract:

Schmidt, A.J., Cheaito, R. & Chiesa, M., Application of frequency domain thermoreflectance, Presented at the International Conference of Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies ‘FMNT – 2010’