Meet RahanaRahan-profile

Name: Rahana Yoosuf
Research interest: Thin film photovoltaics


Research Summary

Rahana Yoosuf received her PhD degree in Material Science from Cochin University of Science and Technology , India in 2008.  The PhD work was the  development of a relatively low cost easily scalable two stage deposition technique, to produce uniform coatings of semiconductor thin films on large area substrates for photovoltaic applications.

The current research work is on a  concentrating photovoltaic system where the radiation is both concentrated and split in different spatial zones according to its wavelength. The system is based on the idea that if the  split solar spectrum are directed to  PV cells with matching energy absorption bands, preferably CIGS  thin film cells, very high conversion efficiencies can be achieved instead of the limited efficiency single band gap cells. The quaternary  system CIGS allows the band gap of the semiconductor to be adjusted over a range of 1.04-1.67 eV.


Selected Publications

  1. Study  on sulfur Diffusion in CuIn(Se1-XSx)2 thin Films using two thermal profiles, Rahana Yoosuf, M. K. Jayaraj, Thin Solid Films, 515(15), (2007), 6188.
  2. Optical and photoelectrical properties of beta-In2S3 thin films prepared by two stage process, Rahana Yoosuf, M. K. Jayaraj , Solar energy materials and solar cells 89(2005) p94.
  3. b-In2S3 thin films prepared by thesulphurisation of evaporated indium films, Rahana Yoosuf, Aldrin Antony, and M. K. Jayaraj, Materials, Active Devices and Optical Amplifiers, 5280 (2004) p669.
  4. Growth of CuInS2 thin films by sulphurisation of Cu-In alloys, Aldrin Antony, Rahana Yoosuf, Asha A.S., Manoj R., M.K.Jayaraj, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 81 (2004) 407