Meet HadiHadi-profile

Name: Mohamad Hadi Salam
Research interest: NanoScale Coupled Heat and Charge Carrier Transport in Thermoelectric Materials


Research Summary

The defining physical phenomena at the heart of High Performance Thermoelectric Power Generation are Heat and Charge Carrier Transport in the host Thermoelectric material. While Heat Transport causes undesirable parasitic losses in performance, Charge Transport provides Power Generation. The challenge lies in that Heat Transport and Charge Transport are inextricably intertwined, as they mutually affect each other because the Heat and Charge Carriers interact as they move through the Thermoelectric material.

This is where Hadi’s research comes in. His aim is to explore various models and simulate Heat and Charge Carrier Transport in Thermoelectric materials for the purpose of aiding current efforts to improve the performance of Thermoelectric materials by hampering the undesired Heat carrier Transport via Thermoelectric materials with Heat carrier scattering interfaces between the host material and various nanostructures embedded in the host material.