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Name: Faisal Al Marzooqi
Research interest: Nanomaterials in water desalination and devices fabrication


Research Interest

Application of nanomaterials in water desalination and devices fabrication is an emerging field of research with much potential for reducing energy consumption and fouling in membrane desalination systems in particular and in other energy related applications. Carbon Nanotubes and graphene are two of the most promising nanomaterials being researched at present and integration of these nanomaterials into devices and membranes could lead to better performance. These nanomaterials can have also potential applications in thermal desalination system promoting the heat absorption in seawater. The research focus is in graphene based desalination and device fabrication, aiming towards the development of sustainable and low energy solutions. On the desalination side, the focus would me in graphene based membranes for water desalination together with an investigation of capacitive deionization using graphene electrodes. In terms of device fabrication the focus would be on physicochemical sensors for process and biomedical applications as a starting point.