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Name: Christopher Benedikt Pilscheur
Research interest: Functional coatings for self-cleaning surfaces


Research Summary

I am working on the characterization in the Nano scale of four different types of coatings.  I analyze the topography and the hydrophobic behavior. Also the contact angle of water will be looked at. Furthermore there is an outdoor test where the coatings will be tested during operation in the test field. Data will be collected during that time concerning efficiency related to dust accumulation. The ultimate goal is to develop a surface which needs no maintenance. The first step to achieve this goal is to understand the relation between weather conditions and dust accumulation. The second step is to develop a coating which needs very little maintenance and for that reason reduces the water consumption significant. The water consumption is a huge cost factor for solar power plants in desert areas and is one of the bottle necks. To solve this problem will be a major step towards the takeover of global centralized solar power supply.