Meet CartmanAyoub-2

Name: Ayoub Glia
Research interest: : Interpretation of tip geometry in means of grasping better understanding of tip-sample interactions, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity



Ayoub Glia received his bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus), and spent one year at San Diego State University.  After that, he worked for the military survey department for two years in the area of hydrography whereby Lidar signals are processed for sea bed modeling. He was then assigned to aerial trigonometry through satellite, aerial imagery and lidar signals. Digital terrain modeling and the production of topographic orthophotos for the whole UAE were also part of his missions during his two year career in the military.


Scope of work

In atomic force microscopy the tip’s geometry and size is of great importance. This is because all intermolecular and surfaces forces depend on it in a way or another. Thus, it is clear that this parameter will have a direct effect in the determination and quantification of tip-sample interactions. In particular, in a given experiment,  it should be kept constant with a view to comparison. Accordingly, my research is about comparing different methods of detecting tip geometry in situ.  Some of these methods have been proposed by the LENS group. My work is thus an attempt to portray, in terms of statistics, and for a variety of tip geometries, the optimum method to be used.