Meet Alice 

Name: Chia-Yun Lai (Alice)
Research interest: Atomic Force Microscopy, Wettability, 2D Van der Waals Materials, Drug Delivery 




Chia-Yun Lai received her B.S. in physics from the National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan. She had worked as a research assistant on a peripheral arterial disease medical research in biomedicine lab of Academia Sinica in Taiwan for two years. Later, she joined Dr. Chiesa’s lab in Khalifa University. This is the beginning of a fascinating story about developing nanoscale characterization techniques, with the atomic force microscopy as a main tool to investigate nanoscale wettability for various surfaces.


Research Summary:

Techniques used to study nanoscale rough surfaces’ wettability are not well understood due to the lack of spatial resolution. Therefore, in my research topic, I focus on developing techniques that allow us to investigate nanoscale wettability with higher resolution. The developed techniques are applied to build the connection between macroscale and nanoscale wettability by studying the idealized flat surfaces and engineered rough surfaces. Currently, I am working on combining the understanding of nanoscale wettability together with computer-assisted database to allow more efficient usage of the obtained data.


List of Publications:

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