Meet Zayanzayan

Name: Ahmed Zayan
Research interest: Solar Spectral Splitting in Parallel
Multi-junction Systems

Research Summary

Solar Spectral Splitting in Parallel Multi-junction Systems, the topic which I address in my same-titled thesis, discusses the feasibility of applying the same principle of multi-junction solar cells by arranging cells next to each other instead of on top of one another. In my thesis, I study the technical feasibility of concentrating and splitting solar irradiation into its respective spectrum and aligning different solar cells with band gaps matching that of the incoming light’s wavelength. Preliminary studies show that implementing technology as such will significantly increase the efficiency threshold currently received by commercial photovoltaic systems to up to a theoretical 65% with five cells.  Most of this is because the parallel alignment of solar cells allows for the use of materials with mismatching lattices to be used in junction with each other to produce energy – currently the weakest link in multi-junction photovoltaic technologies available – where materials have to be grown epitaxially, i.e. depositing monocrystalline materials on monocrystalline substrates. It eliminates current matching issues and other material issues currently making multi-junction substitutes less attractive.

Ahmed’s Work