Meet Abdulazizabdul-aziz1

Name: Abdulaziz Alobaidli
Research interest: Concentrated Solar Power – CSP
                          Combined Cycle Power Plants – CCPP

Research Summary

In general, my research is in the field of power plants. I have participated on the USHYNE Project in 2008 which was a co-operation between the German aerospace center –DLR in Stuttgart and Masdar Research Network. In this project the feasibility of solar hybrid gas turbine system in which the exhaust heat is used to run absorption chillers has been assessed.

In another work which found place at the institute of process technology at the RWTH Aachen University (April 2011), I have worked on the structural optimization of combined cycle power plants for the integration with desalination plant. Different commercial turbines and operation strategies has been compared. The optimization problem has been solved in General Algebraic Modeling System – GAMS based on the concepts of mixed integer non-linear programming –MINLP.

At the time being (August 2011 – February 2008) I will be performing an atmospheric attenuation test to measure the attenuated radiation between the heliostats (reflectors) and the receiver of solar tower plants in areas with high aerosol load like the UAE. At the end of test, I have to find a correlation for the attenuation vs. distance as a function of the direct normal intensity –DNI.

Abdulaziz’s Work


Example of one of the optimized configuration on Abdulaziz’s Work of “CCPP structural optimization