Meet Lu

Name: JinYou Lu
Research interest: Nanophotonics, quantum physics simulation, and semiconductor fabrication



Lu received his Ph.D. degree in the department of Physics at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 2011. He also received 2011 Dean’s award in Physics for his academic achievement. Now, he is working as a research scientist at masdar Institute of science and technology, Abu Dhabi. His research includes nanophotonics, nanocomposite material, surface wettability of carbonate rock surfaces, semiconductor fabrication/process and multiphysics simulations. Previously, he worked as a principal process integration engineer in the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Taiwan.


Research Summary

Surface wettability predicted from atomic level quantum physics simulation

Left: macroscopic surface wettability

Right: multiple liquid layers on solid surface with atomic level density functional theory simulation


Design and fabrication of plasmonic materials for light-matter interaction

Ultra-thin sputtered nanocomposite absorber with self-formed topping plasmonic nanoparticles


Selected Publications

  1. J.Y. Lu, Q. Ge, H. Li, A. Raza, T. J. Zhang, “Direct Prediction of Calcite Surface Wettability with First-Principles Quantum Simulation”, Journal of Physical Chemistry letters, 8, 5309–5316 (2017)
  2. J.Y. Lu, A. Raza, S. Noorulla, A. S. Alketbi, N. X. Fang, G, Chen and T. J. Zhang, “Near-Perfect Ultra-thin Nanocomposite Absorber with Self-Formed Topping Plasmonic Nanoparticles”, Advanced Optical Materials 5(18), 1700222 (2017).
  3. J.Y. Lu, A. Raza, N. X. Fang, G, Chen and T. J. Zhang, “Effective dielectric constants and spectral density analysis of plasmonic nanocomposites”, Journal of Applied Physics 120 (16), 163103 (2016).
  4. J.Y. Lu, S.H. Nam, K. Wilke, A. Raza, Y.K. Lee, A. AlGhaferi, N. X. Fang, and T. J. Zhang, “Localized Surface Plasmon Enhanced Ultrathin Film Broad-Band Nanoporous Absorbers”, Advanced Optical Materials 4(8), 1255-1264 (2016).
  5. J.Y. Lu and Y. H. Chang, “Optical singularities associated with the energy flow of two closely spaced core-shell nanocylinders”, Optics Express 17(22), 19451-19458 (2009).